Weekly closing


Kitchen opening hours

12:30 - 14:20
19:00 - 22:20


The menu is influenced by the seasonal produce and local tradition.
The style, taste and uniqueness of the recipes are guaranteed by the high quality of the ingredients used in our kitchen.
All dished are prepared by scratch by our staff. We only use Italian extra virgin olive oil. Our dishes are made from fresh seasonal vegetables, grains and legumes, as well as our meat, game and poultry thouroughly dissected. We make fresh pasta every day and the staff prepares all the desserts on the menu.

Some typical dishes from our kitchen:
  Pumpkin ravioli with pecorino cheese fondue   Stewed tripe in sauce of carrots, celery and onion   Peposo: stew with baked pepper and red wine
  Frantoiana: cereal porridge   Roast lamb   Custard of Broccoli
  Tortelli from Lucca   Stewed salt code and chick peas   Dessert lucchese soup
  Garmugia: vegetable soup seasonal   Chianina" beef steak   Pie apple and cinnamon
  Pappardelle pasta with roe deer   boar stew   Our cantucci biscuits
  Farro lucchese soup